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Prayer Requests





As a church family, we need more than ever to be lifting each other up in prayer. If you have a prayer request (even a silent one), please  SUBMIT HERE to share with the Pastoral Staff. We will then add your request to this page so your church family can intercede for you.

"And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord's people." Ephesians 6:18



  • Nancy Schneider requests that we pray for their son-in-law, John Justice, who lost his brother to COVID-19 recently.  John's family has experienced so much loss in the last year and a half. Please lift them up in prayer that their faith will remain strong.



  • Anita Smith asks us to pray for their friend, Matt, who is battling stage 4 colon cancer

  • Carl Vallier is home from the hospital, praise God! However, Glavaun's sister, Lois Worth has passed away. Please pray for God's comfort to be fully with their family.

  • The Iguaran and Stumph families have recovered from COVID 19.


  • Glavaun Valliers is requesting our prayers for her husband Carl, who tested positive for COVID-19 and was diagnosed with pneumonia. Also, Glavaun's sister Louis Worth is being treated for a brain bleeding. Let's pray for them and Glavaun so God can give her strength and peace during this moments. 


  • Janeen Stumph tested positive for COVID-19. Her family is requesting us to pray for all the family and for Janeen to have an easy recovery. 


  • Shanel Sanchez is requesting prayers for his husband Aaron. He will go under explorative abdominal surgery today due to and abdominal tumor. As you know, they are living in Colorado right now. Let's pray and show our support during this trial. 


  • Chris and Beverley McCarty are requesting our prayers for their family as they battle with COVID. Sadly, Chris's brother is in the ICU at Huguley. Let's also pray for their nephew who has tested positive as well.

  • Joan Philbins and her daughter are COVID positive. She asks her church family to pray her, her daughter, and grandchildren.


  • Pastor Kevin asks that we pray for his parents, Don and Joyce Walkowiak, who have COVID. Also, please pray for Pastor Kevin's nephew, Caleb Barney, who lost his leg to cancer last year. Sadly the cancer has returned and is in his lungs now.



  • Update from Diana Fowler: "I want to thank all the Prayer Warriors out there for being instrumental in helping my son, Dudley, get through this horrific ordeal.  The power of prayer is wonderful".  I can't say it enough.....God is good!  Dudley still has a lot of healing to do, but his prognosis looks good.  Thanks again for your prayers and please continue to pray.


  • Diana Fowler has asked us to pray for her son, Dudley Merrifield, who is in the hospital, struggling with COVID.   


  • Pastor Orland has tested positive for COVID-19 and is experiencing symptoms. Josie's parents are staying with them for an extended time and are also ill with COVID. Please pray for their healing and protection for Josie who is currently asymptomatic.

  • Deanna Hamilton and her daughter, Aubrey, are also ill with COVID. She asks that we remember them in our prayers. Their symptoms are somewhat mild at this time.


  • Frank Smith is struggling with cardiac issues and requests your prayers for wisdom for his physicians as they seek the best course of action and that God will put his hand of protection and healing on him.

  • Joan Philbin reports that her brother (in a Nursing facility) has survived COVID and is out of quarantine! She thanks you for all your prayers!


  • Susan Talley asks that we remember her granddaughter, Ashley, and Ashley's fiancée, Nick, in prayer. They live in Colorado and have contracted COVID 19. Their symptoms are mild at this point - praise God!

  • Joan Philbin's son, Phillip, and his wife and Joan's brother, Fred, have also contracted COVID 19. Please pray for their full recovery.



  • Diana Fowler writes to say that her brother from San Antonio was in a vehicle accident and passed away from his injuries this morning. She asks us to pray for their family. Her last words to him were, "If I don't see you again on this earth, I'll see you in heaven." 



  • Ray Husted, husband to Marilyn and father to Carol, Ray Jr., Kathy, and Karin, passed away last night. Thank you for lifting this family up in prayer during this difficult time.



  • Jimmy Mendoza Sr.'s father passed away recently. Please keep the Mendoza family in your prayers as they grieve.



  • Our pastor's family has been under attack from the devil for months now. The latest is that their daughter,  Charleigh, is in Cooks Hospital with a gastrointestinal infection.  Please pray for healing for all of them and the strength and endurance they need.



  • Anita Smith's father lost his battle with cancer and is now resting in Jesus. Please lift up Anita and her family during this time of loss. 



  • Tom Bunch's son, Bryant, is home from the hospital and recovering from COVID19. Praise God! 



  • Tom Bunch's son, Bryant, was exposed to Corvid-19 and tested positive last Tuesday.  He has not made much progress in fighting the virus at home and now in in the hospital getting the medical support he needs.  Please say prayers for him and his family as this battle continues.

  • Clarance Newton is home from the hospital. Although his recovery will be slow, we pray for God to bring healing to his heart and lungs.

  • MeLanie had surgery on her back wound today. Let's pray this will be the process that brings healing!



  • We are saddened to report that Jose Iguaran's father passed away in Columbia. Thanks you for remembering the Iguaran family in your prayers as they grieve this loss.



  • Clarance Newton is in Huguley Hospital with lung and heart issues. He has asked us to pray for healing.  He is only allowed one visitor/day, but welcomes phone calls.

  • Jose Iguaran's father is in critical condition in Columbia. It is unknown if he has COVID19. Unfortunately  Jose is unable to be with him as there are no flights available to Columbia at this time. Thank you for praying for the Iguaran family.

  • MeLanie Walkowiak is facing another surgery on her back wound next week. This has been a long process for her and she needs your prayers and encouragement.



  • Update on Barb Slee’s brother: Good news...Turns outCOVID test was negative. They discovered he was septic due to an UTI.  He is off the ventilator and out of ICU. He’s responding well to antibiotics and doing much better.  They are grateful for your prayers and can see the Lord’s hand in this all!



  • Barb Slee is requesting Prayer for her brother Dale. He appears to have come down with COVID19 yesterday with a fever of 106 and went directly to intensive care and on a ventilator.  She said he had no prior symptoms. 



  • Here's an update from Beverly and Chris McCarty: Chris and I want to thank you all for the prayers that came our way. We were able to get the car fixed. Thank you so much.



  • Chris and I have a prayer request that we are in desperate need of. My car is no longer on the road. We think it's the water pump but not sure. I was driving it and smoke started coming out from under the hood and so I stopped immediately and had to have my car towed home. My car was a source of income for me. I'm an Uber driver been doing it for over a year. It's supplemented our income very well but now I'm off the road we just need prayer to have my car fixed. My Uber days are over I am now working as a home health aide with my sister. Please pray that we can get my car back on the road. God bless you all!  Chris and Beverly McCarty



  • Linda Lewis requests that we cover her with prayer as she battles multiple infections that required hospitalization.

Here's an update on a couple of prayer requests:

  • Connie Partin is home from rehab and would love calls!

  • Gail Stumph is home from rehab after major heart surgery and is doing well and gaining strength. She says the doctor told her she narrowly escaped a fatal heart attack. Praise God for sparing her life! Pray for her continued recovery.



  • Victor Prieto is off the ventilator and in rehabilitation! Praise God!


  • We offer our sincere condolences to Suzanne Helgesen and her family. The nephew she asked us to pray for succumbed to his cancer. It is always tragic to lose a loved one, but especially one so young. Pray the family will find comfort in Jesus' victory over death.

  • Rejoicing that MeLanie's stubborn back wound is healing well now!

  • Pray for healing and peace in our nation and between brothers.



  • Gail Stumph had emergency cardiac bypass surgery after undergoing a heart catheterization. All went well and she is in the ICU at Texas Health Huguley. Praise God the blocked arteries were found before she had a major heart attack!

  • Update on Victor Prieto: Victor is the father of one of our BAS students. He has been battling COVID-19 since mid April. He was intubated and on the ventilator for some time but eventually taken off the vent. Unfortunately his condition deteriorated and he is back on the ventilator. Please pray for Victor and his family.



  • Connie Dunn's father had emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix last Thursday. Things are pretty tough for him right now, and Connie would appreciate your prayers for encouragement and recovery.

  • MeLanie Walkowiak's surgery on her back wound went well and did not require a stay in the hospital - praise God!


  • Praise God that Norma and Bob Hwang's baby granddaughter, Addison, tested negative for COVID-19! Her fever is down and she has had no more seizures!



  • Please pray for Norma and Bob Hwang's 10 month old granddaughter, Addison, in California who was taken to the ER with high fever and seizures. They have tested for COVID-19 and will get results Sunday or Monday.



  • Connie Partin (TJ's Grandmother) is in the ICU. We don't know at this time what her illness is, but fairly certain it is not COVID-19 related. Please pray for her healing and comfort.

  • Melanie Walkowiak will be undergoing additional surgery on her back wound 5/21. Join her and Pastor Kevin in praying that this procedure will bring complete healing to her wound.






  • Jerry Willis asks that we continue to pray for his wife, Louise. She is rehabilitating from a hip fracture and is still in a lot of pain. 

  • The last report received on Victor Prieto (COVID-19) is that he is stable but recovery is slow. Thank you for continuing to hold him and his family up in prayer.



  • Meshack Ominde is requesting prayer for himself and his family as he faces a court case in June. Please pray for God's favor on him and wisdom for the judge involved.



  • Continue to pray for Louise Willis. Her hip surgery went well and she is now waiting to be transferred to Rehab. Jerry was able to be with her the day of surgery but otherwise is only able to visit her by phone. 

  • Principal Norman Rangel writes to ask for prayers for the father of one of our BAS students. His name is Victor Prieto. "He’s been in the hospital since Monday with COVID-19 and today, he was intubated because he just can’t breathe on his own. He’s is a good, godly man with a lovely wife and two beautiful daughters. Please join me in praying for his recovery. His wife and oldest daughter are experiencing mild symptoms and are having to keep their distance from their youngest daughter. 

    This virus/disease is real folks. Stay safe, stay healthy, but above all else, stay loving." 



Marthe & Jonathan continue to thank Burleson SDA church for your continued prayers for Mama Adele. Adele is getting better everyday, able to walk outside with a walker. They also thank

1. the Pastors' prayers and messages

2. the head deaconess messages and card

3. Love in Action's SS members' phone calls, messages and cards.

Marthe writes, "We really feel loved by Burleson SDA church leaders and members and we love you too. Mama Adele told me to thank y'all very much.

Stay safe and God bless!"



  • Posting a huge praise that MeLanie Walkowiak's CT shows good bone healing and she will not require additional back surgery! Praise God!!



  • Louise Willis, wife of Jerry Willis, fell and broke her hip last night. She is at Huguley Hospital awaiting surgery. Jerry is not allowed to be with her in the hospital. Please pray for a successful surgery, quick recovery, and peace and comfort for both of them.



  • Posting a praise that Jose Iguaran's mother, Patricia, is feeling much better after her bout of strep throat.

  • Nez Pollock asks us to pray for an anonymous friend who has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

  • Edgar Perez asks us to pray for his family and especially his father, Antonio Saldivar.



  • We want to post a Praise for Marthe Karasira's mother, Adele, who has recovered sufficiently to be discharged from the hospital and is back home! Praise the Lord! Thank you to all who prayed for her healing!







  • Susanne Helgesen writes: We would like to add our nephew, Colin Mathews to our church prayer list. Colin lives in Boise, ID and is 16 years old. He has been courageously fighting T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia for the past 11 months. He was in remission briefly, but the cancer has returned with a vengeance. He is in need of a bone marrow transplant ASAP. Unfortunately, he is not currently well enough for the procedure. The doctors have Colin on an experimental drug along with 3 different types of chemotherapy. Please pray for Colin, everyone that loves him, and the doctors and nurses who care for him daily. 



  • Nancy Sandoval, daughter of church members Deborah and Michael Sandoval, is ill and has lost 12% of her body weight rather quickly.  The doctors are running tests to discover what is causing her illness.


  • Jose Iguaran's mother, Patricia, was diagnosed with Strep throat today after a COVID-19 scare.


  • Ruth Weber's daughter has been in and out of the hospital for the past six months with osteomyelitis of the spine following back surgery. Pray that this infection will clear soon.



  • Please Pray for Marthe Karasira's Mother, Adele, who is hospitalized at JPS with respiratory complications. She has tested negative for COVID-19 and is now off of the ventilator and on BiPAP. Praise the Lord! Marthe is allowed to stay with  her mother in the hospital, but only is she does not leave.


  • Continue to pray that MeLanie Walkowiak's back heals completely without the need for additional surgery. That determination will be made in mid April.